Communicating has played and still playing with an essential part in the evolution of civilization. There once was a time, when successful communication depended on distance. Often massages were lost simply since the messenger did not get to the destination. Now, using the advancement of science, it has become a job that is easy. With net, networking, cell phones etc, communication between two broadly distant location in seconds is becoming a reality.

The progress was not done per day. The different medias employed for communication proved to be an issue. But with networking solutions all difficulties are easily solved. People now use various medias to speak with one another. They use fixed mobile convergence, freedom features and additional platforms, IP telephony, voice massages, audio conferences, video conferences, FMC or chatting or instant massaging or medias to communicate. Unified communications means the integration of all these medias. It’s not an individual product. But through this, we can possess a unified user interface across multiple media types.

The advantage of Unified communications is the real-time delivery of communication and the both non real time. This depends upon the precise location the preferred procedure etc., of the recipient It enables an individual to regain or to check a voice mail or an e mail using whatever communication apparatus he wants, whenever he desires.

By using mobility solutions even regular communications is now more easy. The reason behind that is obvious. A process that enables you to use a wide range of parts that are incorporated, is surely than various procedures that are non-integrated. Another sector where unified communications is greatly helpful is the emergency communication system. In times of crisis, even a minute is advantageous. And if you’re able to get all the essential and crucial informations in one single location and without delay, what can be better ?

The integrated components of coordinated communications comprise – Call management and multimodal communications,Instant messaging, Existence, speech access, personal assistant, unified messaging, BPI or business process integration, freedom, conferencing, collaboration tools etc.

There are a number of reputed companies offering various services like it networking, wireless mobility solutions, networking, information management, communications etc. that are coordinated One company is Omnix international.

It is also among the few firms that are reputed that provide it networking services throughout Saudi Arabia. They have a group of trained and skilled professionals, that are willing diagnose the problem and to make visits to a firms offices. If the need is there, in fixing the problem, they are able to instantly engage.

Another service that’s provided by Omnix international is the erp implementation consultant. It is a platform to supply assorted businesses and organizations with expert consultations. The protocol calls for acting for transferring messages or in some cases information in type of packets in either a simple or a complex network. Before sending the data as packets, these packets are at first encrypted to ensure its security. Omnix International has managed for several years.